Servers with VoipSwitch

with Software VoipSwitch

Telefonia IP

VoipSwitch version

And windows server with IP telephony softswitch platform.

Voipswitch has all the tools you need for the Internet telephony service. It has properties for managing administrator, switchboards and communication softphones. So Softswitch gives you the best Internet experience in telecommunication. It is an incredible platform.

IP telephony server

Your Own Business ip telephony is now possible with the most complete server platform market and. ServerVoIP makes it possible -fully garatizado- to handle it without technical knowledge, allowing start working from the comfort of your home and make money instantly.

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IP telephony operator

The most complete and functional software for VoIP Telephony.

ServerVoip has the most current version regarding the VoIPswitch Software installed on Windows Server 2008, and on some servers (high range) Windows Server 2012.

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Advanced management system for
your IP telephony company.

The SoftSwitch Platform is designed to manage, manage and monitor your tools without complications or technical knowledge.

- Genus Clientes
- Enter Suppliers
- Form Distributors or Resellers

VoIPSwitch modules.
Updated tools for your
Telephone services.

  • Control Rates and Calls

  • Client Portfolio

  • Provider Portfolio

  • Softphones VoIP

  • Calling Cards y Callshop

  • Portals and VsPortal

  • Payments / Online Payments

  • Billing / Invoices

  • Chat en VoIP Switch

using VoipSwitch platform is a global provider of minutes for your customers to call landlines and cell phones of any country in the world, with the best rates or prices you want them to charge.

Your Business with the World Available
Windows Server platform configured IP Telephony
ip telephony server

"We provide the best VoIP servers with VoIPSwitch for your IP Telephony Company since the year 2008 in all corners of the world"

IP telephony company

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How much money you can earn your company Telefonia?

Telefonia IP 4

Servers VoIPSwitch

Configure your Server VoipSwitch exactly the way you want for your customers, suppliers and distributors.

Telefonia IP 5

VoIP tutorials

Videotutoriales on handling HD Platform (HD) to learn more about IP telephony (VoIP).

Telefonia IP 6


Get answers about your company Voip. Talk to a specialist advisor to clear their concerns.

Telefonia IP 7

properties VPS

VoipSwitch for Internet telephony service modules for calls to landlines and cell phones in the world.

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